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Board Meeting Feb 20 2015

Members in attendance:

Wayne Dodson                                               Derek Vandrey

Jessica Bradshaw                                            Melanie Marcus

Mary Gray                                                        Kevin Walker

Amy Wright                                                      Mike Knicely

Jennifer Scheulen


Total registration as of today:  90

Will decide if we should redraft or keep the same teams from last year at the coaches meeting next weekend, March 1 2015

Insurance and charter has been paid by Mary.  Upcoming bills include uniforms ($2400), equipment estimate given by Mike Knicely but not approved, and dirt (Wayne will take care of this).


Mike Knicely will have uniforms done by Friday, April 3rd so that uniforms can be distributed the week before opening day.


Christine is working on sponsors, so far we have $1600.  Christine still needs to work on price for medals.


Fundraising:  Repeating Little Caesars.  Christine will hand out info to coaches at Drat day.  Final Orders April 2nd.  Delivery April 13 or 14th @ 4 pm.  Christine also brought up spirit nights at glory days or BBW.  If we collect receipts, we get 10%.  Also discussed smile amazon acct.  We receive 0.5% of amazon purchases when people buy from amazon if they go to smile.amazon.com first.  We discussed setting up a separate acct.


Wayne will work on obtaining aux gym as back up location for Draft day, since field will be too wet.


Field Day….we need to set a date, and make a list for thing we want to accomplish.


Wayne still working on travel schedule.

Amy to send out email for date of next meeting.