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December 17 2014

Members present:

Wayne Dodson                               Mike Knicely

Jessica Bradshaw                            Kevin Walker

Amy Wright                                    Christine Allen

Derek Vandrey                                Melanie Marcus

Mike Kitis


Registration:  Will begin January 1 - March 6.  Early bird registration in January with a $10 discount per child if paid in January.  February registration, normal fees apply.  Late registration incurs $25 late fee/ child.  $200 maximum per family.  In person registration Feb 1 and 22, Sundays from 2-4 pm.  Wayne and Jessica volunteered for the first registration and Amy and Christine volunteered for the second.  Also discussed the need for payment at the time of registration, so payment will be accepted online, in person, or at draft day with a late fee.  Coaches meeting Sunday March first, time tbd.

Flyer:  Jen will make corrections on the flyer and they will be given out at basketball games and go home in Tuesday folders at RCES in January.

Field Maintenance:  The nets will be taken down Sat Dec 27th @ 2 pm.  We will also go through the equipment at that time and determine what we need.  Mike will put together a proposed estimate for the cost of the equipment.  Mike also discussed the possibility of obtaining some donated equipment through John Kemper.  Kevin Walker stated that the mower needs a new starter and proposed cost is $260. 

Sponsorship/Fundraising:  Melanie went to multiple businesses in Culpeper and Rapphannock.  We will need to follow up with several.  Melanie gave her list to Christine.  Christine will try to update our sponsorship request letter and send out in January.  It was decided that we are going to repeat the Little Caesar's pizza kits again.  Jessica will get Wal Mart card for Luke Martz as he was the Hit- a thon winner last year.  Discussed home run derby at SF.  Possibly one for parents and one for general public.  Possibly incorporating the parent derby into an existing game day.

Treasurer's report:  Mary (via Michael) provided a profit and loss statement for everyone to review for the past year.  We have $1872.01 in the bank acct at present with $1216.50 to be deposited for a total of  $3088.51.

Phone line: Still has not been shut off although Mary tried to cancel the service.  We are no longer paying for the service. Jessica will try and cancel.

Equipment: see field maintenance.

Uniforms:  Board agreed to use Mike Knicely for regular season.  Will go with MLB/MiLB teams.

Tournament Teams:  discussed trying to get teams together earlier in the season.  Will have a interest sign up sheet at draft day.

Trophies/Pictures: agreed to use TSS again as they have done a good job with no problems.  Mike Kitis proposed recognizing the first placed team in each division with medals at the trophy ceremony at the end of the season.  Christine is going to contact TSS for an estimate.

Games:  Wayne will contact other leagues in order for the minors and up to have more and varied competition.  He will contact Brentsville and Madison to start.


The next meeting is scheduled for Friday Feb 20 @ 6:30pm.