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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find general information about RAA/RCB baseball?

If you do not see what you are looking for on the website, please fill out the feedback form or contact a member of the Board of Directors.


How will I know if our game/practice has been canceled due to the weather?

We will send you an email or text if the fields are closed.  You can also check the website. Sometimes a storm may occur late in the day, making it difficult to make a decision until the last minute.  Contact your coach if you have a question.


How old does my child have to be to play in the RAA/RCB League?

The minimum age is 4 years old by April 30th of the playing year.  For example, if your child turns 4 on May 5th,  she needs to wait until the fall to be eligible to play. 


My child plays in RAA/RCB, when does he move up to the next level?

T-ball 4-6 years

Rookies 7-8 years

Minors 9-10 years

Majors 11-12 years

The league is designed to have players move up in the fall season.   If you think your child is ready to play in the next division before she is age eligible, she will need to try out in the draft for that division.  The commissioner and coaches will determine if he is ready.


My child thought he wanted to play baseball when we registered him, but now he has changed his mind. Can we get a refund?

No, there are no refunds after the first official game of the season.  However, if your child changes his mind before the first game all but $35.00 will be refunded.


What equipment do I need to purchase?

You will need to purchase a proper glove.  Your coach will inform you which color baseball pants, socks, and belt you will need to purchase for his uniform.  A bat, helmet, and cleats (not metal) are also recommended.  The league will supply jerseys and hats.  A limited number of bats and helmets will also be available.


When can I expect to hear from my child's coach after draft day?

Please allow 7 days to hear from your coach.  If you have not heard anything by that time please contact amyvandrey@gmail.com.


What can I expect for the game/practice schedule?

That will depend on several factors, mainly the season, division, and coach.  Generally in the fall there will be one practice and one game per week.  In the spring, most divisions will practice once weekly, with 1 game during the week and 1 game on Saturday.  Occasionally there may be a Saturday doubleheader.  T-ball will not have doubleheaders.  T-ball may also not have the weekday practice once the game schedule is underway.


How long does the season last?

Spring - Drafts take place during mid-March with a few weeks of practice immediately following.  The season usually starts around mid-April and continues until the beginning of June. 

Fall – Teams are assigned during late August with a few weeks of practices.  The season starts in mid-September and runs through the end of October.


Can I request that my child play on a certain team?

The only division that may be able to accommodate these requests is T-ball, since there isn’t a draft and the commissioner assigns players.  You must ask for the request in writing and deliver it to the T- Ball Commissioner at least 2 weeks before draft day.  Remember these are requests.  We may not be able to honor them all but we will do our best.  The T-ball league is purely instructional as they do not keep score.  There is no danger of stacking a team.  As the other divisions keep score, we WILL NOT honor requests.  The child MUST be chosen through the draft process.


How can I become a manager or coach?

You need to fill out a coaching application which is accessible through our website using the documents tab in the vertical menu.  You also need to complete a simple coaching course offered through Babe Ruth - Cal Ripken Baseball.  You can access the course through the Links tab on the vertical menu of our website. 


Do you need volunteers?

Yes!!  Absolutely!!  The entire league is comprised of volunteers.  You need to complete a volunteer application, which is located using the documents tab in the vertical menu. We expect parents to help their coaches when asked.  We also expect parents to volunteer their time with field maintenance and running the concession stand.  The concession stand assignments will be posted under each team's schedule.  Usually 2-3 adults/teenagers are needed to run the stand.  If there are no volunteers to run the stand in your team's appointed time, your team will forfeit their next game.


How do I register my child to play?

It is easiest to register online.  There is a registration tab in the vertical menu when registrations are open.  The registration process is self explanatory.  There will also be one or two in person registrations.  These will be posted on the home website.  You can also pay for the registration online.


I do not want to pay online.  What is my other option?

You can also pay with cash or a check.  Please contact Amy Wright or Jessica Bradshaw.  If you do not make payment by the assigned date, your child's registration will be deleted. You will need to pay the fee in full with a late fee before your child is assigned or drafted onto a team.  If a financial hardship exists, please contact a member of the board.


Are pets allowed at Stuart Field?

At this time pets are NOT ALLOWED.  Please leave your pets at home.