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RC Baseball Board Meeting Minutes
Members present:
Wayne Dodson                 Chris Dibble
Mike Kniceley                    Amy Vandrey
Jessica Bradshaw             Mike Wharton                  
Steve Howell
  1. Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed, no corrections.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Mary was not present; Wayne reported we have 9,264.72 in checking.
    2. We have about $4,000 in outstanding bills (Merchants, Rankins, Coke and Juggs)
  2. Concessions
    1. Discussed concessions and pricing. Every item makes a profit, some more than others.
    2. We have held prices for now, we may need to consider raising process next year.
    3. Missing money situation from the stand has been turned over to Rappahannock County Sherriff’s Office. No update at the time of the meeting.
    4. Jessica reviewed new process for start-up cash for stand each night.
  3. Fund Raising
    1. Hit-a-thon scheduled for June 3rd (following closing ceremony). Jessica to print copies for instructions and pledge forms.
  4. Misc Items
    1. We confirmed the House Rules we set up with Fauquier were intended to cover all games at Stuart Field, not just when FBR comes out. The intent was to inform FBR of how we play and what to expect when they come out.
    2. Mike Kniceley reported we still have some outstanding shirts and he is going to speak with the vendor.
    3. Wayne suggested we open the uniform purchase up for bids going forward. We have used the same vendors for some time it may be the time to see what else is out there. All agreed.
    4. Juggs pitching machine is fixed and available for use. The cause of the failure was water. This machine needs to be kept dry when not in use.
    5. Closing ceremony will be Monday June 3rd.
    6. Minor’s batting cage is back up, Babe Ruth poles are up, waiting for the net.
  5. Tournament Teams
    1. We want to host the 9U tournament, Wayne will communicate this to the District.
    2. We are staying with $25 per player cost to be paid by the parents.
    3. 9U team wants to play in a Greater Manassas tournament. Cost is $425. They are asking the parents to pay $25 each and the league will pay the rest.
    4. Steve Howell is looking for scrimmage opportunities.
  1. Meeting adjourned, no meeting scheduled