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RC Baseball Board Meeting Minutes
Members present:
Wayne Dodson                 Mike Wharton
Mary Gray                           Chris Dibble
Mike Kniceley                    Mike Kitis
Jessica Bradshaw             Dana Martz
Webb Collart
  1. No minutes from the previous board meeting were read.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. $3643.83 currently in bank
    2. Mike Kniceley presented bills from Rankins totaling $2557.00
    3. Mary reported $905 remain outstanding from Fall 2012 season dues. Mary will let Webb and Mike Kitis know if this includes any of the players from their teams.
    4. Discussion was held to change bylaws to reflect not being allowed to play in the Spring of Fall dues are unpaid. No decision.
    5. Registered letter sent to Larry Poplin for $240 of unpaid tournament team expenses.
    6. Jessica will provide a bill of sale for the new 4 wheeler. Wayne recommended a class to instruct users on proper operation.
  1. Pictures
    1. Turnmeyer did not meet our expectations. Some folks are still missing pictures sent back for correction. Turnmeyer is not returning our calls.
    2. Wayne proposed we use TSS going forward, we already have their presentation.
  1. Fund Raising
    1. Mike Kniceley suggested a home run derby. Easton may come out for this event. Suggested we allow Culpeper and Fauquier leagues participate as well.
    2. Dana suggested a bat-a-thon, sponsors pay per foot or something to that affect.
    3. Wayne asked Mike Kniceley to work with Christine to organize the home run derby fundraiser.
  1. Concessions (Jessica)
    1. Concession went well over the Fall. We averaged ~$300 per week
    2. For future seasons, brining the Rookies up to play on one of the fields by the stand will help sales.
    3. Primary staffing concerns remain on Saturdays. Discussion was held to include Saturdays in the team rotation which is currently only weeknights.
    4. Need to winterize building. (complete)
    5. Need a new water filter in the spring. (Can’t get the current one off without fear of breaking it)
    6. Having trouble getting in touch with Coke. We want to stay with them going forward (easier to deal with and more reliable)
    7. Hershey freezer is gone. Recommend not using it going forward, it didn’t really work out.
  1. Winter Training Program
    1. Webb Collart presented thoughts on beginning a winter training program to begin improving skills year round as well as increasing parent engagement.
    2. Many items were discussed including using the Ruritan building in the colder months to utilizing the Fauquier fairgrounds.
    3. Wayne asked Webb to present a more detailed plan to the board for consideration before implementation.
  1. Fields
    1. Field close-up needs to take place including placing trash cans in the dugouts. Sponsor signs will stay up this year.
    2. Need to consider rebuilding signs at the entrance.
    3. Discussion was held to determine what is required to clear some trees behind home plate on the rookie field. This area stays wet for days in the fall as it gets no sunlight. As these trees are not on our property, tree removal is not a likely solution.
  1. Spring Registration
    1. Will begin on line registration Jan 2
    2. Need to look at the calendar and set up in person registration dates/locations. Basketball league says we can set up during their games again. Need to get dates into Rapp and Culpeper papers as well.
    3. Dana discussed trying to get info into kid’s folders at school.
    4. Discussed getting more signs made for registration dates to set out.
    5. Dues per division were agreed upon as follows:
      1. Tee ball $60
      2. Rookies $60
      3. Minors $80
      4. Majors $80
      5. 13-15 $100
      6. Undecided on multi child per family discount at this time
  1. Misc
    1. Questions regarding the pet policy. Seems to be liability, general safety and cleanliness issue. Need to ensure better communication with Fauquier as they sometimes bring pets and don’t know the policy.
    2. Catchers gear for our current rookies is too big. Mike Kniceley reported his went through all the catchers gear recently and every division has several sets of gear. The issue seems to be we have a lot of smaller kids in rookies and the gear while new, is too big.
    3. Discussed changing the codes to all locks to better manage loss and theft. Also numbering equipment and holding specific coaches accountable for missing equipment.
  1. Meeting adjourned, next meeting scheduled for 12/18/2012.