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April 2, 2011 Board Meeting
Members in attendance: Amy, Mary, Mike W., Tiffany, Rich, Jessica, Mike K., Wayne.
Meeting called to order.
March Minutes reviewed with the following changes: Mr. Lilwood who was referred to in last month’s minutes is Mr. Lillard. Doug Keyser’s name was also spelled incorrectly.
Rookies voted rules: for the first 3 weeks the pitching machine will be set at 38, then the machine will move to 40 for 4 weeks, after that the coaches will evaluate if the machine can be upped to 43.
Re pitching limitations: The pitching limitations will stay in the bylaws. These are our house rules for this season.
Wayne motions for minutes to be approved: approved.
Treasurer’s report:
Candy was paid off to avoid the $200.00 fee, the total sum paid was $2668.00. We had 30 days to pay, it was due April 14th.
Where is the bill for the dirt?
$1,000 will go to Rankin’s for balls and equipment. This covers practice balls only.
There is a total of $6,743.00 in the bank before Rankin’s and the dirt is paid.
Door codes:
Wayne will change the codes to the doors on 4/3/11.
Sponsors list was named, The Board of Supervisors money should be coming this week. Rankin’s donated ¾ of the cost of the netting.
Picture Day:
Carrie was supposed to arrange picture day. Amy will take care of this.
Opening day:
If it rains it is cancelled. Everyone should arrive at the fields byb 8:15 to organize for opening day ceremonies. All coaches need to provide Amy and Tiffany their team names, coaches and team moms to be recognized at opening day.
Will Fauquier be at the field opening day to be recognized as well?
We have invited guests: Members from the Board of Supervisors, and Dr. Boone. Dr. Boone will throw the first pitch.
The teams and players will be called before the national anthem along with the general welcome message, announcements and field rules. Ie speed, watch your kids, no dogs etc.
Fields will be limed Friday evening before opening day.
Re: Lightening policy
Ms. Faulk sent an email regarding questions about the lightening policy. Board members discussed:
Our policy now is: If a coach or umpire designee see’s lightening clear the field and dug outs for 30 minutes.
Keyed Deadbolt:
The back door to the Ruritan building needs a deadbolt. Rich will get a deadbolt and lock the back doors.
We will not do breakfast this year because there are no games before 10 am.
A paper towel holder needs to be installed in the concessions stand.
We will have a rotation of board members for concessions.
The grass needs to be mowed. We need consistent mowers to keep the fields looking nice. Rich and Matt will mow. Matt has community service hours. Amy will inform him.
Two loads of stone should be delivered soon.
Meeting Adjourned