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RC Baseball Board Meeting Minutes
Members present:
Wayne Dodson                 Chris Dibble
Mike Kniceley                    Mike Kitis
Jessica Bradshaw             Dana Martz
Christine Allen                   Kevin Walker
  1. Minutes from the previous meeting (Nov 13) were reviewed, no corrections.
    1. Questions were raised regarding any progress on the money due from Larry Poplin. No one had any updates.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Mary was not present; Wayne reported we have around $1,000 in the account. We need to get registration open on time. 
  3. Pictures
    1. Christine is ready to move forward with TSS. Everyone was in agreement. She said she will also let Olson know that we will not be using them this year. 
  4. Fund Raising
    1. There were no updates on any of the ideas for fundraising from last month’s meeting.
    2. Christine is going to work with Mary to get the sponsor’s letters ready to go and out as soon as possible. 
  5. Winter Training Program
    1. No further update from Webb on the program. He did send his outline to the board. The board is in agreement with the program. The message back was that we do not have the funds needed to start the program in its entirety. We also agreed it needs to be a self-sustaining program. Options are being reviewed to start the program on some level. 
  6. Fields
    1. Rich is planning to be at the field sometime Sunday (12/23) to clean gutters, cover the mounds, fix any loose signs and various other items. He would like some help.
    2. A discussion was held regarding building a fence around the tee ball field to allow traffic down to the rookie field in a safer manner. We also discussed switching the rookie bleachers with the Tee ball bleachers. Mike Kitis and Mike Kniceley are going to look into chain link fence prices. 
  7. Spring Registration
    1. Jessica displayed some designs for signs to be placed in the community regarding registration. All agreed on the signs and she is moving forward with the purchase.
    2. On line registration will run from January 1st to March 3rd.
    3. In person registrations will be held:
      1. Sat Jan 19 @ RCHS
      2. Sun Jan 27 @Stuart Field 2-4 PM
      3. Sat Feb 9 @ RCHS
      4. Sun Feb 17 @ Stuart Field 2-4 PM (Coaches meeting to follow)
    4. Dana said Floyd T. Binns has agreed to let us set up while their basketball games are played on Saturdays. We did not take any further action on this at this time.
    5. DRAFT DAY will be March 10th at 2PM 
  8. Meeting adjourned, no meeting scheduled
    1. A request from Chris to schedule the next meeting on Jan 22nd was emailed to the board.