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RC Baseball Board Meeting Minutes
Members present:
Wayne Dodson                 Chris Dibble
Amy Vandrey                    Mike Wharton                  
Steve Howell                     Derek Vandrey                
Kevin Walker                     Christine Allen
  1. Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed, no corrections.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Started with 2120.30 in checking
    2. Paid bills of 1657.98 (Rankins, Verizon, REC, State Tournament)
    3. Checking balance of 462.32
    4. Mary later emailed me that she was depositing $725 from recent registrations which would bring our balance to 1187.32
    5. Then the fees for Babe Ruth would be due soon estimating $2100.
  1. Sponsorship
    1. Letters have been mailed out to previous year sponsors.
  1. Fund Raising
    1. Going to hold a Little Ceasar’s fundraiser for the Spring. Will issue to coaches/parents on draft day.
    2. TSS has been contacted to provide picture services again. No date set
    3. Will hold a Parents Division of Pitch, Hit and Run as a pure profit fundraiser. PHR is scheduled for Sunday April 27th.
  1. Opening Day - Spring 2014
    1. Wayne and Kevin will talk with the neighbors to see if we can use their fields for parking. If so, we will consider reverting to having everyone introduced at once.
    2. If not we will use last year’s method again.
  1. Request from Virginia Thunder 14U Travel Team
    1. Discussed request from this team to fall under our tax-exempt status and use our fields.
    2. Ultimately decided this was not in the best interest of RC Baseball as this would likely eliminate any 13-15 team for the 2nd straight year.
    3. We offered that we would accept the request if they registered as a 13-15 team and play a minimum amount of Babe Ruth games. They declined.
  1. Misc Items
    1. Draft Day
      1. Sunday March 9th at 2PM
      2. Rookies and up will stay on teams from last year. Will only draft new players and those moving up.
      3. If a division is totally out of balance, all teams will be re-drafted.
    2. Rookies playing on Major/Minor fields
      1. Works very well in the Fall. Need to schedule games to keep Rookies up by the concession stand.
      2. Will still need to practice and maintain the Rookie field to keep it from falling apart.
    3. Batting cages
      1. Talked about installing batting/pitching cages in the Ruritan building. Need a leader/budget/timeline and a plan.
    4. Uniforms
      1. Wayne is contacting different uniform vendors for the upcoming season.
  1. Upcoming Dates
    1. Feb 16th – In person Sign up at Stuart 2-4PM
    2. March 1st – Field Day
    3. March 2nd – 3PM Board Meeting, 4PM Coaches meeting
    4. March 9th – Draft Day, 2PM
    5. Opening Day – April 5th
    6. July 10th – Start of 10U State Tournament at Stuart.