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RC Baseball Board Meeting Minutes


Members present:
Wayne Dodson                 Chris Dibble
Mike Kniceley                    Amy Vandrey
Jessica Bradshaw             Mike Wharton                  
Steve Howell                     Derek Vandrey
Mary Gray                           Kevin Walker
Mike Kitis
  1. Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed, no corrections.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Mary will email the Treasurers’ Report.
  1. Concessions
    1. Discussed concessions and pricing. Every item makes a profit, some more than others.
    2. Stand is closed up for the winter
  2. Fund Raising
    1. Going to hold a Little Ceasar’s fundraiser for the Spring
    2. Home Run Derby in October raised money. Will do it again is 2014 but this time at Stuart Field
  3. Spring 2014
    1. On Line registration will open on 1/1/14. In Person registrations as follows:
      1. 1/18, 2/8 at Rapp County Schools to coincide with the Youth basketball games
      2. 1/26 and 2/16 at Stuart Field
    2. Dues set as follows:
      1. Tee Ball $60
      2. Rookies $65
      3. Minors $85
      4. Majors $85
      5. Babe Ruth $100
      6. Board agreed to a $200 family maximum for dues
    3. Draft day set for Sunday March 9th
    4. Opening Day tentatively set for April 5th.
    5. All coaches will need to complete background checks as per CR/BR. Discussed the methods for doing this as well as the need for coaches to be in place well before Draft Day.
  1. Misc Items
    1. Will host Pitch Hit and Run again in 2014. We will also hold a “parents” version and use it as a small fundraiser. (Chris will coordinate)
    2. Winter Pitching and Catching clinic will be held again in 2014. Currently registering.