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Meeting was held on 4/3/09 and called to order at 6:30 pm

Attending were Amy , Wayne, Alice, Coy, Josh, Middy, Craig, Clay, Kevin, Howard, Chuck.

Absent were Melody, Becky, Nancy

Minutes were read, Craig motioned to pass Josh 2nd Motion carried

Treasurer's report  $14,803.91 in checking $3,500.00 in building  Expenditures were reviewed, Howard made motion to pass, Josh 2nd Motion carried

Old Business Ruritan building:  Electric is coming along, other construction is not.  Board is to meet on Sat. 3/7/09 @ the building, with Brett Anderson to discuss plan to move forward and have bathrooms ready for Opening Day.  If Brett cannot facilitate this, Board is to  move in a different direction to accomplish the goal. 

IRS Bill:  Amy has sent a letter to beg for mercy on the the fine & penalty charged, takes 6-9 weeks to hear back.
Tax Exempt Status for the state  Amy called and they are reviewing the field should have been taken care of last year and was not.  Amy spoke to LEN he his expediting the file.

Field Day  Start time 9:00 am  List to be sent out to the Commissioners.  Each teams take care of their own fields.

Umpire meeting 3/21/09 at 1:00 pm

Meeting adjourned  we will meet on March 31 to discuss Opening Day