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Expectations of Players

1.  All players are expected to attend every practice and game. If this is not possible, a player is to notify the coach as far in advance as possible of the scheduled practice or game.
2.  All players are ALWAYS to set an example of good sportsmanship. This includes respect for their coaches and the coaches of other teams; respect and support for their own teammates; respect for the members of other teams; and respect for the umpires and officials.
3.  All players will respect themselves.  This includes absolutely no use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or profanity by words and/or action.
4.  All players are expected to be equipped and well-prepared for practices and games.
5.  Players will not steal from others or purposely abuse or destroy their own property or the property of others, including RAA/RCB.




Expectations of Parents



Because you are the most important people in your child's life, we ask that you set the ultimate example of good sportsmanship AT ALL TIMES.

1.  Respect the decisions of your child's coaches and the judgements of game officials.  Even if you do not agree, please keep your opinions to yourself.  Remember that these people are doing their best in mostly volunteer situations (and likely they were the only volunteers) and they need your support, too.  Without them there would be no RAA/RCB baseball.  Remember, too, that it's very embarrassing for a child to witness poor sportsmanship from his/her parent(s)! If you publicly display poor sportsmanship, your child's coach will be asked to approach you with a warning from the umpire; if your child's coach has to approach you a second time during the game, your child's team will forfeit the game.
2.  Respect and appreciate the efforts of opposing coaches and players.
3.  Help reinforce your child's responsibility to his/her team.  Please have them at practice and games on time, or help them call the coach ahead of time if an absence is necessary.
4.  Make sure your child is well-equipped and prepared for practice and games.
5.  Help your child practice at home whenever possible, as much as possible.
6.  While on Stuart Field or other ball fields, the use of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco is prohibited.
7.  Help your child's team with Concession duty, trash pick up and whatever the coaches may need.

With your help your child will have fun this year and be successful playing RAA/RCB baseball.  We look forward to it!
Expectations of Managers, Coaches and Parents
This code is intended to reflect both National Babe Ruth's and Rappahannock Athletic Association's (RAA) philosophy that the goal of managing and coaching is to provide positive experiences for all participants and that winning habits result from a combination of hard work, sportsmanship, good coaching, team work and a little bit of luck, also,.  In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning new skills and refining existing ones in a constructive manner, managers and coaches, at all times while participating in RAA/RCB activities, will:

1.  Conduct themselves as exemplary individuals, always displaying good sportsmanship.
2.  NEVER use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, or be intoxicated.
3.  NEVER us profanity or indecent language (by word, action or gesture) or allow the use of profanity by their players or fans;
4.  NEVER use tobacco products of any kind on the fields.
5.  NEVER exhibit or allow fighting or aggressive behavior towards others.
6.  NEVER leave a player at the field alone (if it becomes a habit that a player's parent/guardian; if this fails, the specific league commissioner or the league president should be notified of the problem).
7.  Comply with the rules of National Babe Ruth Baseball and RAA/RCB local rules.
8.  Having drinking water available at EVERY practice or game.
9.  Ensuring that anyone, regardless of age, assuming the catcher's position behind home plate is wearing a catcher's mask at every practice or game; players must always wear a protective cup.
10. Preparing the field by the scheduled game time and after your game is finished.
11. Emptying the trash barrels adjacent to your field into the main dumpster, if you are the designated visiting team at Stuart Field.
12. Ensuring that your team is warmed up and ready to play by the scheduled game time.
13. Completely removing trash and debris from the dugouts and surrounding areas after every practice and game.
14.  Having the authority to bench a player for misconduct, misuse of club equipment or property, or unsportsmanlike conduct.
15.  Relaying from the umpire any warnings to your team's fans and parents concerning unsportsmanlike conduct, including any second warning to the same individual which will result in your team's automatic forfeiture of the game.
16.  Providing the Concession Stand with three or four people responsible to work for the concession stand during your team's scheduled times.

Violation of any of the above will be grounds for immediate dismissal as manager or coach by RAA/RCB.