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RCB August Meeting

A.  Registration @ 52 as of 8/20, was @ 34 same time last year

1.T ball 15, rookies 19, minors 13, majors 5

2.Fees $50, $60, and $70 respectively

3.Dates July 1st- Sept 11th, late fee $25 after Aug 29th

4.Games start Sept 12th, already talked to Brentsville

B.  Coaches

1.Tee ball

                Monte and Megan Christian, Colin Hughes, maybe Mary and       Michael Gray (Grays may have conflicts with Zach’s schedule)


Mike Wharton and maybe Kevin/Christine Allen


Derek Vandrey and Ricky Marcus, perhaps Steve Loving and Jeff Gessler


Mike Timberlake, Brian Woodward and maybe Kevin Allen

C.  Field Cleanup Day Dates Pre and Post season: August 29 and 30

D.  Concession manager appointment

1.Jessica has stepped down

2.New manager: Dana Martz assisted by Suzanne Torosian

E.  Treasurer’s report: $10,828.55 in 2015 vs 6,614.20 in 2014

F.  Fundraising concerns

1.Movie night: postponed indefinitely

a)Person in charge

b)Date and how to charge

2. Spirit nights: Christine looking into Chick-Fila-a and BWW

G.  Sponsorship Concerns

1.Newspaper ad, will do thank you this fall

2.Question about Scheulen, Patchett and Edwards: confirmed       sponsorship

H.  Field Improvements

1.Sprayed Fields (Steve Loving mentioned using rototiller) Amy will       contact him

2.Sheds, clean up and organize

3.New Roofs, Ricky says all need to be done….Minors’ dug outs next

4.Net on majors field 3rd base side: Mike Knicely will order the net

5.Babe Ruth Field


I.  Commissioner Concerns/Reports

1.Sticking with cut off date for Tball, last year was frustrating because we had so many late registrations. 

J.  September Elections, set date: Sept 27 @ 6 pm

K.  Equipment Offer

1.Ice Machine

2.Prep counter (maybe)

3.Pizza oven

4.Elected to buy all for $600

L.  Upcoming Dates

1.Spring Registration Jan 1st-Apr 8

2.Draft Day Sunday March 6th

3.Opening Day Saturday April 2nd

4.Last Day of Season June 4th

M.  Attendance:

1.Wayne Dodson

2.Jessica Bradshaw

3.Amy Wright

4.Mary Gray

5.Christine Allen

6.Jennifer Scheulen

7.Derek Vandrey

8.Mike Knicely

9.Dana Martz

10.Suzanne Torosian